Italian Sunset cocktail recipe

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First published: 17 February 2016

Italian Sunset cocktail recipe

We like tequila… it makes us happy. And it’s even better when it’s in this Italian Sunset cocktail recipe.

There’s literally nothing better than a cocktail as the sun goes down and this Italian Sunset cocktail recipe doesn’t disappoint! It’s fruity, bitter and sweet all at once thanks to the lime, chamomile liquer and Peychaud’s Bitters; and the pink salty rim on the glass really sets it off and makes it a show-stopper.

This particular recipe was developed by Martina Furiga, head bartender at Bella Cosa restaurant. There really is no better Italian Sunset cocktail recipe to enjoy at the end of a day.

Ingredients (serves 1)

40ml tequila
30ml chamomile liqueur
Pink grapefruit juice (to wet the glass rim)
25ml lime juice
½tsp pink salt (for the glass rim)
4 drops of Peychaud’s Bitters
1 Boston Shaker


In a Boston Shaker, combine the tequila, chamomile liqueur, lime juice and the drops of Peychaud’s Bitters before shaking.

Wet the rim of a Martini glass with pink grapefruit juice, and add the pink salt.

Pour the liquid into the Martini glass and garnish with a flower.

Recipe courtesy of Bella Cosa restaurant’s head bartender Martina Furiga!

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Italian Sunset cocktail recipe
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