How to ‘get the glow’

20 April 2017 by
First published: 17 February 2016

Move. Munch. Meditate. In her new lifestyle transformation app, these are Madeleine’s three instructions to her dedicated followers, explaining how to get the glow. Every hour there is a flood of new posts on the app’s community wall, proving that Madeleine is both personally connecting with fans and creating new friendships between her fans in the process. They want to work out like Madeleine (and Shona Vertue, her fitness partner in the Glow Guides), practice yoga and meditate like Madeleine, and most of all they want to eat like Madeleine. And we at WHL can understand why.

With the blogging star’s signature sense of balance, every aspect of the Glow Guides feels accessible and possible. This really is an invite to transform your lifestyle, and it has been warmly accepted by students, working women and mothers alike.

The benefits?

By exercising four times a week, practising yoga or stretching three times a week and creating more mindful eating habits for the long-term, Madeleine promises to release the glow in everyone. Made for the home or the gym, the workouts use minimal equipment and combine full-body movements that will definitely increase strength and support weight loss.

The yoga and meditation series, guided by Madeleine as she puts her new teaching qualifications to practice, are athletic enough to keep even a sweat enthusiast like myself engaged. And her naturally soothing voice holds your focus without dominating the meditation or causing distraction. For those new to meditation, the app requires you to take just three minutes out of your day to give it a go. As you progress through the weeks, you will gradually learn to meditate for longer and to turn your reflection deeper inwards. So as not to deter the more overactive minds, Madeleine has effectively paced the meditation to complement a natural and progressive personal journey.

Nicknamed ‘a personal trainer in your pocket’, the app also features regular live streaming from Madeleine to provide motivation on tap. As a working personal trainer, I think anything that inspires people to move more and to become more self-aware is a winning idea in my book.

The best bits?

Without doubt, the best bits of the Glow Guides are the recipes. As someone who eats healthily, I still tend to mindlessly whip up the same meals again and again, and sometimes I fall out of love with my go-to recipes. The sheer creativity of Madeleine’s cuisine, fusing the best in health-enhancing ingredients and crowd-pleasing flavours, is surely what will attract most users to the app in the first place. Naturally, this is where the Glow Guides shine brightest.

Madeleine shows that new recipes needn’t be daunting. With most dishes ready within 30 minutes, they’re not only delicious but totally practical. And the comprehensive weekly shopping lists ensure you have everything you need to whizz through your weekly order. If, like me, you cheat and peek ahead at week eight in the programme, you’ll also find an enticing raw brownie recipe that will definitely keep you motivated to the very end.

Who will love it most?

As I mentioned, women from all walks of life are using the Glow Guides. What differentiates it from other apps on the market is the supportive community at the heart of it. People from around the world, with different lifestyles and at different levels of fitness, support one another in the Glow Community through comments, advice and words of encouragement.

With everything you need for a healthier and happier lifestyle, the app offers a lot of answers for all different kinds of questions. So whether you need a total health overhaul or want to fine-tune just a few features of your already active and healthy lifestyle, there’s something for you in the Glow Guides.