Get your health fix from takeaway!

9 August 2017 by
First published: 13 June 2017

Breaking news! Did you know you could get your health fix from a takeaway?

Whoever said takeaway food wasn’t healthy obviously wasn’t looking in the right place. Whether you’re in a rush to eat after going to the gym or you just fancy ordering in for a change, you can get your health fix… from takeaway! We’ve put together ten of the healthiest meals on offer at Deliveroo that are guaranteed to tickle your fancy.

Greek salad from Jak’s

Enjoy a hearty, traditional Greek meal from Jak’s, a restaurant dedicated to serving up the best cuisine the Mediterranean has to offer. This healthy Greek salad comes with a refreshing mix of tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, onion, feta cheese and olives dressed with olive oil.

Tavuk Shish from Lokkanta

Barbecue lovers, rejoice! Lokkanta pride themselves on their tasty cooking techniques, serving up dishes that have been barbecued to perfection. This flavoursome Tavuk Shish from Lokkanta will definitely tantalise your tastebuds. Up your protein intake and savour the lean chunks of chicken breast that have been cooked over a mangal.

Fattoush salad from Ranoush

For a true taste of Lebanese cuisine, look no further than Ranoush. Their Fattoush salad is full of healthy goodness, with a mix of ingredients including lettuce, tomato, cucumber, mint, onion, radish, sumac and toasted Lebanese bread with olive oil dressing.

Ensalada Sierra from Ceviche

Ceviche have brought the delicious flavours of Peru to London with their range of salads, skewers and seafood dishes. We particularly love their Ensalada Sierra, consisting of black, red and pearl quinoa, avocado, tomato, onion, limo chilli vinaigrette, broad bean, pomegranate seed and uchucuta sauce.

Ensalada de Palmito y Aguacate from Arepa & Co.

Who doesn’t love an avocado salad? Venezuelan restaurant Arepa & Co. will be satisfy your avocado craving and then some with their yummy Ensalada de Palmito y Aguacate. The salad boasts a gorgeous combination of palm hearts, avocados, tomatoes, mixed lettuces and red onion with mustard dressing.

Chicken salad from Sweet Thursday

Sweet Thursday may be well known for their pizza, but they can make a darn good salad, too. As with everything else on offer on their menu, their chicken salad is full of flavour. The salad is made up of chicken, garlic, lemon, broccoli, rocket, feta, pine nuts and some orange for a zesty finishing touch.

Tuna Niçoise from Côte Brasserie

If you prefer to eat fish to up your protein intake, then the Tuna Niçoise salad from Côte Brasserie will be right up your street. This salad is served with chargrilled fresh tuna steak, cooked medium rare, alongside French beans, cherry tomatoes, black olives, peppers, new potatoes, egg, baby gem lettuce and red onion with a mustard dressing.

Classic Salmon Poké from Tombo Poké & Matcha Bar

Big sushi fan? If you are, then you should definitely check out Tombo Poké & Matcha Bar. Their Poké bowls are absolutely packed with flavour and nutritional benefits. We’re particularly partial to their Classic Salmon Poké, which comes with sesame soy, white onion, edamame, sesame seeds and nori.

Goodness Bowl from The Good Life Eatery

When a dish is called Goodness Bowl, you have high hopes. Luckily, Good Life Eatery doesn’t disappoint! Their Goodness Bowl is exactly that, filled with a huge variety of healthy ingredients including courgette fettuccine, baked sweet potato falafel, beetroot dip, half an avocado with omega seeds, kale salad with jalapeño dressing, feta cheese and basil cashew cream.

Vegan Superbox from Coco Di Mama

Many people assume that being vegan involves eating food that’s bland and limited. But, they couldn’t be more wrong. Just look at Coco Di Mama’s Vegan Superbox as proof! It boasts courgette fritters, tomato chutney, puy lentils, tenderstem broccoli, flaked almonds, cherry and sunblushed tomatoes. Yum.