Healthy dinner party

20 August 2014 by
First published: 22 August 2014

Check out Sassy’s top tips for a healthy dinner party.

I love throwing dinner parties. There’s something so special about having my friends and family over and cooking up a storm. It can, however, be a struggle when you’ve first changed your diet. The worries creep in that people aren’t going to like your ‘new’food. What do you feed them?! Trust me, it’s doable. And delicious!

Don’t stress it
You want to be able to enjoy the evening, so make sure you’ve done all the hard work ahead of time. The great thing about most healthy recipes that I use is that they can be prepared, assembled and then plated without really having to worry too much. This leaves you time to chat with your friends and enjoy the food!

Make sure you think about the balance of the meal. You don’t want to overload people early on. Keep things light and delicious. Also make sure you check with your guests about any special dietary requirements so you can make sure you accommodate.

In doubt? Go for a buffet
If you’re really super worried about people not eating your food, why not go buffet style and create a number of salads and snacks that you can just put on the table and people can serve themselves? It’s a great way to add variety to the party, and saves you from a particularly fussy eater! I also love going to pot-luck dinners – where every guest brings a dish. This can unearth some really delicious food and is a great conversation starter!

Kill it with dessert
Dessert is usually the star of the show…so go all out! Luckily, raw desserts can be so easy to put together, all you need is a food processor and a freezer. I usually like to bring out my raw chocolate cheesecake and peanut butter cheesecake recipe. And you’d better believe it’s never there by the end of the night!