Date-nut breakfast tart recipe

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First published: 1 April 2016

You’ll need a round baking tin (20cm diameter max.) for this date-nut breakfast tart recipe, although it doesn’t require any actual baking, just time to set in the fridge,

If you can’t find raw (unroasted) cashews, you can substitute these with blanched almonds.


120g pitted dates

60g raw (unroasted) cashews (you can often find these at exotic supermarkets)

75g grated coconut

60g Quaker Oats

2tbsp liquid honey or agave syrup

3tbsp coconut oil, melted

2tbsp hempseeds

¼tsp salt

Handful of hazelnuts


Finely chop all of the ingredients in a food processor. The texture will be fairly loose, but if you knead it with your fingers, it should stick together somewhat.

Line a round baking tin (20cm diameter max.) with a sheet of baking paper and pour the mixture into this. Press firmly using the back of a spoon and allow to chill for a couple hours (two hours should be enough) in the fridge.

Keep the tart in the fridge to make sure it stays firm!

Recipe courtesy of Quaker Oats

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Date-nut breakfast tart recipe
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