Avoid these common diet pitfalls this Christmas

21 December 2017 by
First published: 16 December 2017

Avoid these common diet pitfalls this Christmas

These diet pitfalls are really common around Christmas. Find out how you can avoid them so you can enjoy the festive period healthily!

The festive season might be seen as a time for letting go and overindulging but there’s plenty of ways to lighten the load while still enjoying Christmas. To help you ring in the new year feeling festively fabulous, we’ve listed some of the most common diet pitfalls and our top ideas to beat them.

Avoiding exercise

With an overflowing social calendar you might not have all the time in the world to hit the gym, but sneaking in just 20 minutes or so of exercise will help to beat the festive pounds by burning extra calories. Use your lunch break to go for a run, turn a leisurely saunter into a brisk walk and cycle instead of getting the bus.

Skipping breakfast

Missing breakfast is one of the biggest weight gain pitfalls. Starting the day with something healthy like oats with nuts and fruit will keep blood sugar levels balanced meaning you’ll feel better energised as the day goes on.

Sidestepping H20

Water might be the last thing you feel like drinking on a cold winter’s day, but staying hydrated is key, especially if you’ll be knocking back a mulled wine or two – we know we will! Water helps to flush away toxins so it is really important to sip regularly if feeling your best is on your Christmas wish list. If you find it difficult to reach the recommended two litre daily intake, alternate water with herbal tea.

Drinking to excess

Keeping alcohol off limits in December is a pretty difficult (if not impossible) feat, but minimising hangovers is totally doable. Try alternating alcoholic drinks with fizzy water and lemon.

Overdoing portion control

It’s ok to indulge every so often, but if you are worried about festive treats having a big impact on your efforts throughout the year, just bear portion control in mind. Sticking to a healthy diet 80 per cent of the time and tucking into your favourite festive foods the remaining 20 per cent could be something to consider.

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