Absolut Mix launch for London Pride

20 April 2017 by
First published: 17 June 2016

Love for the LGBTQA community has never been bigger, with companies across all industries showing their support. Even alcohol brand Absolut are getting involved, with their Absolut Mix launch for London Pride.

In honour of London Pride 2016, Absolut have teamed up with some of the fashion industry’s biggest names, who have brought their own unique style to the bottle. But that’s not all – these special one-off editions will be auctioned one by one via Givergy, with the winning proceeds going directly to the UK’s leading LGBT equality charity Stonewall.

Inspired by the six colour rainbow of the LGBT Pride flag, Absolut designed their new bottle with semi-transparent triangles that allow the bottle’s colours to overlap in distinct ways when viewed from different angles. This intersecting effect symbolises the connection that’s created when various unique individuals mix together. The pride auction will showcase beautiful designs created from many of the top names in fashion today: designers Henry Holland, SIBLING, Gareth Pugh and Fred Butler are a just a few to name!

The release follows on from the success of Absolut’s previous limited edition Pride bottles and gives a nod to the 2009 No Labels edition. Like this year’s launch, the label-free bottle symbolised a world where people are accepted for who they are, rather than by their ‘label’.

As well as auctioning their personally designed bottles, Absolut are giving further support to their launch by developing Absolut Mixr, a web-app that aims to inspire #AbsolutNights at home, allowing people and music to mix together in new ways. In collaboration with Spotify, Absolut Mixr allows a group of friends to connect their Spotify accounts together, automatically mixing up playlists for any occasion, based on everyone’s favorite tunes.

The trendiest bottle to have right now, Absolut Mix is available at supermarkets nationwide. Start the conversation and showing your support with Absolut Mix. A percentage of profits taken over Pride weekend from sales at Selfridges flagship Oxford Street store will be donated to Stonewall.

To see their unique representations and place your bid, visit www.absolut.com/stirthingsup.